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Christina Lamere

Christina Lamere

Christina Lamere

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At our law firm, we understand that dealing with the judicial process can be intimidating, stressful and even frightening for our clients. That is why we pride ourselves on being true advocates – attorneys who will both shield their clients from as much of the burden of litigation as possible and will also stand up and fight vigorously against those who seek to inflict harm upon our clients. Together we have nearly 30 years of experience in the practice of law and have handled thousands of cases. If you are in need of an attorney, allow us to use our unique advantages to provide you the kind of representation you deserve.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’ve been charged with a crime in the Dothan or Wiregrass area, you should get an assessment of your situation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Lamere Law offers a free initial consultation and payment plans to help you understand your situation and the available remedies.Whether you were busted under suspicion of drunk driving, sexual assault, drug possession or domestic violence, Lamere Law Office is prepared to fight for your rights and protect your freedom. When defending you against a crime, we understand the processes, the judges, the prosecutors and if necessary the juries. We have handled hundreds of jury trials and We understand courtroom dynamics. Lamere Law has the wisdom and experience to fight for you! No matter where you are in Alabama or Florida you have rights. We stand up for you and other Dothan clients facing the possibility of heavy fines, jail or prison time.
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Dothan Divorce Attorneys Here For You

When it comes to matters involving divorce and your family, stress over the legal process can cast a shadow on your outlook and cause you to worry about what the future may hold. Lamere Law Office helps our clients stay focused on the positive side of the changes they are facing.

With more than four decades of experience, our family law attorneys are committed to helping Dothan & Ozark residents get through divorce:

  • Navigate the Alabama family law court system
  • Talk through touchy topics in a productive way
  • Protect their rights, either through mediation, negotiation, or in court
  • Gain the confidence they need to make it through tough times

Whether you are coping with a difficult decision such as a divorce, or are trying to sort through the complex calculations of child support, our skilled legal team is here to help. We take pride in providing one-on-one attention, superb client service, and smart legal solutions to any family law matter.

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Dothan Personal Injury Lawyers Matt C. Lamere & Christina L. Lamere

Being involved in an accident and suffering injuries is not something most people are prepared for. Accidents happen to other people . . . right? The truth is, you can do everything right, hone your driving skills, obey every law, stay focused and alert . . . but you can’t control what other people do. When a careless or impaired driver has caused you to be injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, and your injuries are serious enough to require ongoing medical treatment, time off work, pain, dysfunction, and the inability to enjoy the many things that make life worth living—through no fault of your own—someone needs to be held accountable. You need to be compensated for what you’ve lost.

Your choice of a lawyer to represent you in your Alabama injury or wrongful death case may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Having the right lawyer can mean the difference between having to live with your losses and having the means to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. So, don’t call the first lawyer whose phone number is blasting from your TV or a smiling face from a billboard. Do your due diligence and hire the best qualified lawyer you can find.

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Dothan Probate Attorneys Matt C. Lamere & Christina L. Lamere

Lamere Law Office works with executors, administrators, trustees, conservators, and personal representatives, helping you successfully meet the requirements of the probate process. We also advise trustees and beneficiaries for a variety of trusts.

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Expungement Attorneys Matt C. Lamere & Christina L. Lamere

Clear Your Record With Expungement

New Alabama expungement laws allow those with criminal records involving a misdemeanor or nonviolent felony to seek an expungement. This is a very big change in Alabama law since before this there was no way to remove a charge from your record. Even if you were never convicted or never even faced a trial, your charge remained with you, following you to neighbors, friends and potential or present employers during job or promotion reviews. Now there is a way to clear your record. Lamere Law Office can help you seek an expungement in Alabama. With over 40 years of experience on criminal law, we have helped many clients with some of the toughest situations.

Whether you need help defending against current charges, or you are interested in sealing or expunging your record, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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Dothan Appeals Attorneys Matt C. Lamere & Christina L. Lamere


There are two primary ways in which to challenge a final Judgment or Decree. You can attempt to set aside the Judgment or you can file an Appeal.

To set aside a Judgment/Decree you must prove some level of fraud or improper procedure that occurred in obtaining the Judgment. If you achieve this end, the Judgment is set aside and you are starting from scratch as if nothing has happened. In other words, you would again be married and would need a new Judgment to terminate your marital status, divide your belongings, and determine custody and support.

If this is not an option you may have grounds to file an appeal. An appeal is not an opportunity for a second trial. Instead, it is an opportunity to ask the Court of Appeals to overturn a decision by the lower court or order a new trial based on a proper application of the law to the facts as stated on the record. The Court of Appeals is there to make sure that the Trial court followed the applicable laws and did not abuse its discretion. This can be a lengthy and expensive process. Make sure to consider “Modifications” in our practice areas if the issue is regarding custody or support. Maybe you will not need to go down this road.

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Limited Scope Attorneys Matt C. Lamere & Christina L. Lamere

What is limited scope representation (LSR)?

Limited scope representation, sometimes called “unbundling,” allows a client and his/her lawyer to agree that the lawyer will provide limited services to the client. This means the lawyer will represent the client only in a certain area or task rather than representing the client for the entire scope of the legal matter. LSR can be either in-court (such as a specific court hearing) or out-of-court, such as drafting pleadings or coaching a client who will represent himself in court.

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