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Christina Lamere

Christina Lamere

Christina Lamere

Mediation Services – Significant advantages can come from the parties to a case deciding amongst themselves what the outcome of their controversy will be. Once that decision-making ability is handed to the courts, the parties lose power over their own fate. Mediators are neutrals whose job is to facilitate a settlement between the parties. This allows the parties to not only maintain control of the result of their case, but also to fashion their agreement with more flexibility than judicial power may allow for. Ms. Lamere is a Registered Alabama State Court Mediator and can help you with resolving your own case in your own way.

Criminal Defense – Your lawyer will be the force that is standing between you and the full prosecutorial power of the state, so it is important to know that your attorney has the legal knowledge and trial skills necessary to zealously defend your rights throughout your case. We have vast experience defending all types of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to capital murder. Mr. Lamere is a member of The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 who was bestowed with the honor based on his work as a defense trial attorney. Ms. Lamere is also a registered member of the National College of DUI Defense.

DUI Defense  Matt C. Lamere and Christina L. Lamere have been representing individuals accused of DUI in Dothan and Ozark Alabama for nearly 40 years. We are ready to put our years of experience and award-winning DUI lawyers to work for you. DUI cases in Dothan and Ozark Alabama areas can often feel hopeless, but with the right strategies and a hard-working criminal defense lawyer by your side, you may be eligible to have your charges dramatically reduced or even dropped.

Family Law – Whether you are facing a divorce, child custody dispute or modification of an existing order of custody or child support, we can help you. Too often these matters of family that can be so close to one’s heart are not met with the level of empathy and understanding that they deserve. We approach each individual case as an opportunity to provide our client with compassionate service while also fiercely striving to ensure that our clients’ rights are upheld.

Personal Injury – When you or a loved one is injured, you need prompt professional advice and a thorough examination of your claim. We stand ready to provide you with our experience, knowledge and the resources to properly evaluate your case and obtain the settlement you deserve or to pursue your case through trial if a fair settlement is not offered. Our personal injury practice includes but is not limited to automobile accidents, nursing home negligence and abuse, hospital malpractice, products liability, negligence, intentional torts, and wrongful death.

Wills and Estates – Whether you need to plan for the future protection of your family by creating a will or you need assistance regarding the execution of an estate after a loved one has passed, we can help you. Delayed or inadequate planning can add unnecessary heartache to those you have left behind, so let us help you to spare those you love from such woes. If you are already in the terrible position of dealing with an estate contest, we can assist you in either pursuing or defending your case.

Guardianship/Conservatorship– If a family member or someone you know has suffered a major injury, has a serious mental disorder or has succumbed to the frailties of mind from advanced age, you may need to seek establishing a guardianship over that person. We can help you establish a guardianship to protect your loved one and their assets. We can also defend the rights of persons who are either the subject of guardianship proceedings, have unjustifiably been placed under a guardianship or who are being physically or financially abused by their guardians.

Appeals – When a judge or jury does not decide a case in your favor, you may need to appeal the decision to a higher court. Don’t let just anyone handle your case on appeal because not all lawyers are adept crafters of written legal argument. Ask to see a sample of an argument from an appeal brief that the lawyer has personally written. We are ready to apply our knowledge, skill and time into researching and arguing all of the legal issues that could persuade an appellate court to overturn the trial court’s ruling against you.

Limited Scope Services – We offer “unbundled” services for those situations where people need the assistance of an attorney for certain tasks associated with their case, but do not necessarily need an attorney to handle all aspects of a case. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as a person feeling confident in representing themselves generally, or that it would cost more to hire a lawyer to handle the entirety of a case than that case may be worth to the client, or the client simply cannot afford to hire general counsel. So if you only need help drafting pleadings and motions, or desire representation at a single court hearing, or you want a lawyer to coach you in handling your own case, we can help you.

Criminal Record Expungement – Beginning this year, 2014, Alabama law allows persons with misdemeanors or non-violent felonies to expunge their records. Expungement can remove the record of your arrest and case file from public view so as to keep it from haunting you for the rest of your life. But it isn’t as simple as filling out a form. To have your records expunged you have to file a petition in circuit court asking a judge to review whether you qualify for expungement. Furthermore, the District Attorney or a victim can choose to oppose expungment and you will have to argue your position to the judge. We are ready to assist you in clearing your name and reputation.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Please call us to find out if we can help you.