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Christina Lamere

Christina Lamere

Christina Lamere

Limited Scope Attorneys, Matt C. Lamere & Christina L. Lamere

What is limited scope representation (LSR)?

Limited scope representation, sometimes called “unbundling,” allows a client and his/her lawyer to agree that the lawyer will provide limited services to the client. This means the lawyer will represent the client only in a certain area or task rather than representing the client for the entire scope of the legal matter. LSR can be either in-court (such as a specific court hearing) or out-of-court, such as drafting pleadings or coaching a client who will represent himself in court.

Is LSR authorized?

Yes. LSR has always been permissible under Rule of Professional Conduct 1.2. However, until 2012 there were no specific procedures and forms in Alabama for using limited scope representation.

Who benefits from limited scope representation?

LSR can benefit clients, lawyers, and the courts. Clients get legal help they could not otherwise afford. Lawyers earn fees they would not otherwise have received. Courts benefit from better pleadings and better-prepared litigants.

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