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6/7/2017 Testimony begins in Rolling Hills murder case | News |

View Court Order showing the jury’s not guilty verdict

As Jon Thomas walked into a Dothan apartment on June 9, 2007, he saw blood on the walls, the microwave, a bread box, a refrigerator and on the floor surrounding the slain body of Pete Reaves.

Thomas, a Dothan Police Department crime scene technician, described the physical evidence in the murder investigation into Reaves’ death. He testified Tuesday in the capital murder case filed against Lorenzo Stacey.

Stacey, 37, of North Herring Street, became one of three people charged with being involved in killing Reaves at his home in the Rolling Hills Apartment complex off Denton Road. If convicted of the capital murder charge, Stacey could face life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Thomas said he found two fired shell casings, and an unfired bullet, on the floor of the apartment. Along with Reaves’ blood, he found Kevin McCloud’s blood on a couch cushion and a bandanna.

Thomas testified a fourth man, Kharon Davis, shot McCloud during the same night that Reaves was murdered. He pointed out McCloud’s gunshot wound to neck in a photograph.

Davis, 24, of Tuskegee Street, and McCloud, 25, of West Newton Street, have also been charged with capital murder in connection to the Reaves’ murder.

During questioning by Matt Lamere, one of Stacey’s defense lawyers, Thomas said none of Stacey’s fingerprints were found on any of the evidence.

Thomas also said he found cocaine inside the refrigerator at the apartment.

Jason Adkins, a Dothan police narcotics investigator, testified he arrived at the apartment less than a minute after he heard a 911 call of a firearm assault. Adkins, who was already at the complex on duty, said he recalled finding blood everywhere in the apartment, and the cabinet doors left open as though they were searched.

Adkins said, during cross examination by Lamere, he never saw Stacey at the apartment on the night of the murder. Assistant District Attorney Arthur Medley argued during the opening statements that three men, including Stacey, went to the apartment with the intention of robbing Reaves of drugs. Medley contended evidence would show Reaves was shot to death during the robbery.

Medley said an officer smelled marijuana in the apartment, but he said police found cocaine and not marijuana in the apartment. Medley also contended the defendant’s own statement to police put him at the apartment at the time of the murder.

During opening statements by the defense, Lamere did not dispute his client was at the apartment. Lamere said his client never even entered the apartment.

“They went there to buy some pot,” Lamere said. “Lorenzo Stacey is outside when the gunshots are fired.”

Stacey knew Reaves as a friend, Lamere told the jury, and even tried to help him after he heard gunshots. Stacey found McCloud on top of Reaves when he went to the apartment, Lamere told the jury. Lamere said his client fought with Davis, and Davis even tried to kick Stacey out of the car as they drove away from the apartment.